Welcome to The Ark Institute

The Ark Institute is a comprehensive religious school with special focus on upholding the valuable teachings of the Holy Qur’an and The Ahlul Bayt (Holy Prophet and his family). We are dedicated to delivering quality education and a holistic approach to student development and long-term well-being. Our curriculum upholds Islamic principles ensuring learners best maintain spiritual values in a diverse society.

An Overview of Our Curriculum


Fundamentals of Islam

Fundamentals of Islam – Children are taught Islamic fundamentals by competent educators and positive role models. Modern technology is incorporated to facilitate the learning process.


The Practical Laws of Islam

The Practical Laws of Islam – Students will explore the foundations of Islamic law to gain insight into its purpose and practice. Lawful study is extracted from detailed Islamic sources.

Social Islam

The social norms and rules in Islam

Social Norms and Rules in Islam – The Curriculum focuses on social structures and the norms of Muslim living. This includes the ability to retain self-identity and value systems in a diverse and challenging society.

Why Choose The Ark Institute?

Several Islamic Weekend Schools (Madressa) are open in Orlando, each offering a unique approach and curriculum which shares similarities with The Ark Institute. The theoretical and practical coursework focuses on Aqaid to assist students to successfully apply key concepts that define our faith. With the introduction of the Qur’an at an early age for kids, learners participate in interactive studies, with open discussion on contemporary subjects, current events, and the manner in which these affect daily life. Our teachers have lived in the U.S. and acknowledge the obstacles encountered growing up in the West.

Program Aspects Include:

  • The Ark Institute has a proven track record since 2007 with continued operations in New York.
  • Our leadership team possesses a combined 20 years’ experience running Islamic schools from 2014-17 in NY and FL.
  • Our focus on Islamic knowledge for kids/ Islamic knowledge for kids Orlando incorporates the Islamic syllabus (http://www.islamicsyllabus.com) and is based on a spiral learning system. Prior topics and concepts have been reinforced and enhanced in a progressive manner.
  • Curated content supplements the current syllabus with modern research and contemporary information.
  • Our goal is to enlist teachers that are invested in their own personal/spiritual growth. We subsidize half the cost for enrolling in the ehawza program (http://www.ehawza.com/). Students will directly benefit from the knowledge and self-accountability. The resource will also help create a more structured and consistent experience.
  • Our goal is to have Teachers receive compensation in the near future. This helps to support the community and also enforces accountability. It aims to maintain our standard of instruction and education.
  • Ethnic diversity is an important aspect that we embrace and encourage in our school. It should be reflected in our children, teachers, and leadership team. We’re seeking the best and the brightest across the board, without discrimination.
  • The Holy Qur’an is at the heart of our program. We encourage memorization of select Chapters and Verses to create a deeper understanding of Islamic fundamentals. The purpose is to build an intimate relationship with the Holy Book. Students are motivated to learn Islamic fundamentals and the concepts within the Holy Qur’an. This supports a positive position as they get older to cite verses to support their points of view.
  • We offer limited class capacity for more focused attention. Each class has a set/defined capacity.
  • Technology is properly leveraged to modernize our instructional approach. It is incorporated positively for engagement between teachers, students, and parents. Online teacher, student, and parent portals will be available to keep track of progress and facilitate communication.
  • Partnership with Camp Taha (http://www.tawheedcamp.org/) affords our students discounted rates for the annual summer camp program.

The ultimate aim for our programs is to instill confidence in our children and develop strong character. We believe by building a strong identity and sense of self can develop an exceptional character full of integrity. Islam is more than structured rules and regulations, as it serves to enhance the state of human beings, reflected in character and etiquette. Applying the fundamentals of Islam provides a practical approach to learning outcomes. We help students comprehend and explore the reasons for prayer, fasting, and charity etc.

Islam holds tradition in high esteem but is also a practice of positive change through action. All things we do and strive to achieve should serve to fulfil our life’s purpose. We invest in an approach we hope our students will internalize and embrace. We understand that such critical thinking needs to be shaped at an early age.

We encourage you to assess our curriculum details for in-depth content information, available under the program section of our site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact the teacher if I have a concern?

The teachers are always available to address any concerns. The best way to reach them is by email.

Do I need to make an appointment to meet with a teacher or another school staff member?

Yes that is the preferable method to meet with the teacher. However teachers are generally available during the lunch period.

How can I reach a teacher or other staff member, by email or telephone?

You can reach any member by email. You can also e-mail support.fl@thearkinstitute.org for assistance.

What should I do if I think my child has a learning disability?

Please schedule a meeting with the admin team to discuss your specific circumstances.

Is there an athletic program?

No, there is currently no formal athletic program but we’re looking to introduce something in the future.

What should I do if I think my child has an attention problem?

Please bring this to the teacher’s attention and they will advise on the appropriate course of action.

How can I view my child’s grades or homework assignments?

Once you register in our program you will receive instructions on how to access the parent portal.

Is there a school nurse on staff?

We are fortunate to have a Registered Nurse on staff for any medical related issues.

How do I notify the school if my child is going to be absent?

Please fill out the absence form located under resource under parents and student resources.

Where can I find general policies and procedures for the school?

School policies are located under resources.

What if I need to pick up my child early?

Please come to the front desk where you’ll be directed to the appropriate admin member who can help facilitate this request.

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