Having originated in 2007, The Ark Institute is an independent, non-profit organization with special focus on religious education and academic programs. The courses are conveniently introduced over the weekend. We are proud to announce the continued success of the NY Chapter since its initiation, including our program availability in Orlando in early August 2018.


The purpose of The Ark Institute is to facilitate Islamic values through teaching of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (A.S.) and his family (Ahlul Bayt). From the start of our spiritual educational programs, our students have displayed remarkable improvements and advancements in their daily lives and individual ventures. All educators deliver a healthy learning environment, dedication and sincerity to assist learners in spiritual awareness and formal education. Such successes are achieved with the preservation of Islamic values and identities.

The youth are most vulnerable and impressionable to the challenges and ways of the world. Our goal is to create an environment where the foundation for faith and sound belief systems is created and strengthened. Investing in the Qur’an as a religious guide, we strive to reinforce and persist in delivering exceptional and vested education.

We aim to invest in our students to invest in the future. Our trusted and reliable teachers are the guides. Our program subsidizes half of the ehawza fees for all our teachers to support their personal growth initiatives.

What to Expect from The Ark Institute

Our curriculum introduces a range of subjects including two major categories, the Qur’an and Islamic studies. The sessions include a novice, intermediate and advanced level that is developed for a broader audience.

Esteemed and passionate educators have become important role models and a means of support for the Muslim youth communities living in the United States. Students are encouraged to explore Islam while determining environmental influences on their religion.

We aim to deliver Islamic education in a supported and structured manner that conforms to societal teaching standards. To improve the success of our programs and strengthen community ties, our approach includes development initiatives (picnics, outings, field trips) to build a sense of brotherhood and unity. Owing to the complexities faced in daily living, the youth must learn positive ways of managing identity challenges and influences.

Our Goal

To develop moral practices and ethical foundations whereby balance, peace, and harmony are created in our immediate society and across the world.

We promote diversity owing to its strength with support for our students and within our leadership. It takes a village to raise a child in the modern world. Our program fosters open engagement between teachers, students and parents.

Mission Statement

To encourage and empower the youth with sound educational experiences and universal morality that will foster compassion, respect, and empathy. This includes the added value of achieving spiritual insight and academic prowess.


The purpose of The Ark Institute is to develop a safe and structured educational environment in which youth and their family can experience the benefits of such practices. We strive to deliver a non-discriminatory approach by encouraging balance and acceptance on a universal level. Youth are taught how to apply moral principles and ethical standards taught in Islam. Our teachings are instituted through the Holy Qur’an and lessons delivered by the Holy Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) and his family (Ahlul Bayt).

The program focuses on weekly courses provided in an interesting and engaging environment for students. We aim to capture the attention and develop the learning capabilities of our youth in a unique and religiously guided manner.

Every class is structured and scheduled with exploration of youth issues including modern worldly issues, social dynamics, adolescent challenges and the ability to create individual purpose through interactive dialogue. To achieve sound educational outcomes, every teaching and academic approach is guided by the concepts within the Holy Qur’an and related Islamic education. Every session is completed on a positive note with a delicious meal. The goal is to facilitate sound interaction between the educators, youthful students and families to build trust and free communication.

Our curriculum incorporates efficient and reliable online technology through e-learning programs, global network information sharing, and parent-student portals. It provides easy access to classes, scheduling and grade reporting.

Our school strives to create a non-discriminatory and stimulating environment whereby students and communities are encouraged to diversify and engage. Past students have invested in life long education with sound educational programs having witnessed learners from five years to seventy-five years.

We pride ourselves in an unconditional acceptance of race, gender and varying financial status. The creation of a successful religious and educational model in New York, has seen exceptional diversity and an ever-growing Sunday school student population. Our goal is to develop the same successful model in our future educational endeavors within the city of Orlando.

The objective is to develop an exceptional environment where our youths feel supported and free to pursue their spiritual and academic interests. Sound moral principles and all-encompassing Islamic teachings include morality and ethical factors into teachings for a positive influence, strong character development and a secure livelihood.

Our Approach

The success of The Ark Institute program lies in its diversified education. Explore our variety of topics describing what to expect from our school programs, below:

Contemporary issues

The curriculum of The Ark Institute delivers curated programs covering modern problems and complexities encountered daily.

Junior e-hawza syllabus

Programs are developed according to our Junior e-hawza Syllabus


  • Our sound educational environment and supportive practices are of great importance to families and address the needs of their children.
  • Our services take pride in respect, trust and enhanced communication.
  • We focus on the preservation of individual identities.
  • To engage the mind and facilitate learning, the educational process is made fun and exciting.

Teacher certification and accountability

All educational practitioners are provided accountable strategies and encouraged to enroll in the ehawza program for self development.

The Ark institute covers 50% of the program cost as part of our investment in our teachers. You can learn more about the program here: http://www.ehawza.com/.

Emphasis on Aqaid and Hifz

  • Student lessons incorporate the memorization of select portions the Qur’an.
  • The Qur’an is incorporated as the religious and educational foundation for moral and ethical teachings.
  • Students are encouraged to make a connection between the Holy Qur’an and the Ahlul Bayt at an early age.

Proven track record

The Ark Institute of New York has proven successful in its educational applications. We aim to continue these practices into our Orlando initiative.

Interfaith engagement

Our emphasis is on interfaith activities, support diversity, and mutual respect.

Aptitude based learning

Our schools incorporate aptitude learning practices and processes.


The Ark Institute is proudly affiliated with the WISE organization. Students may access reduced rates for Camp Taha.

Camp Taha Link – http://www.tawheedcamp.org/


Student/parent confidentiality is held to the highest standard in every practice.


A variety of technologically advanced applications are incorporated into our curriculum. We use Google classroom for the benefit of teachers and students. This versatile and flexible virtual classroom is supportive and efficient for educators, learners and families.